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Our Vision
for the Future
of Healthcare

Our impressive track record
We have a rich history of turning discovery science into the delivery of transformative care. Through our partnership we are able to bring together some of the best minds in the country, across multiple disciplines, to enable knowledge sharing and facilitate exciting collaborations that drive scientific advancements forward.
Unparalleled data
We have one of the largest patient populations of any healthcare organisation in the country and access to rich and extensive data sets. Barts Health itself is home to three national biobanks and hosts 21 separate research repositories containing over 500,000 human tissue samples. This data, used responsibly and with consent, has the potential to be a rich resource for the discovery and delivery of new technologies like predictive AI-enabled healthcare tools.
Unrivalled diversity
Whitechapel is home to one of the most diverse populations in Europe. By working in partnership with the local community, our ambition is to discover and deliver better health outcomes for people on a global scale, and bring new treatment to patients faster.
Powerful partnerships
An exciting partnership already exists within Barts Life Sciences, in which organisations have come together to deliver innovative projects with organisations from across the country. For example, in 2017/18 we undertook 150 industry sponsored trials and we are currently collaborating with a number of organisations to deliver leading genomics programmes. However, there is great potential for more collaboration in this area to deliver innovative and transformative healthcare solutions.
The perfect location
Whitechapel represents one of the most exciting new locations for a life sciences hub; strategically placed between Europe’s financial hub and London’s thriving start-up community. We already benefit from world-class transport links, due to be improved even further with the introduction of Crossrail.